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At Tadpole, we believe in the “Simplicity of life”. In an increasingly complex and uncertain world due to COVID-19, we are here to help you focus on what’s important, now and post-pandemic. We live in a vastly different world today, especially when it comes to doing business, and we are absolutely convinced that flexibility and adaptability will be crucial for companies to swiftly exit the crisis and redefine a sustainable growth path.

Our network of highly experienced professionals with credentials across diverse industries and local market expertise will provide the onsite resource you need in order to drive your growth in the key Asia Pacific markets. Contact us to explore how you can benefit from our in-region frontline team and how we can be an integral player in your go-to-market strategy, all without the usual fixed costs.


What's happening

The spirit of Hong Kong

The spirit of Hong Kong

Helping to redefine the new Hong Kong.

A big bang for the metaverse

A big bang for the metaverse

“I think the metaverse is the all-encompassing space in which all digital experience sits; the observable digital universe made up of millions of digital galaxies.” - Claire Kimber, Head of Creativity and Innovation, OMD UK

Why invest in sports sponsorships?

Why invest in sports sponsorships?

"The key is, no matter what story you tell, make your buyer the hero." - Chris Brogan (author, journalist, and marketing consultant)

It’s all about teamwork!

It’s all about teamwork!

Like in sports, great things in business are never done by one person. They are achieved by a team of people.

What is a wordart?

What is a wordart?

The beauty of simplicity.

Not “just an airline” anymore

Not “just an airline” anymore

“Believe the unbelievable. Dream the impossible. Never take no for an answer.” - Tony Fernandes, CEO AirAsia Group

Our portfolio

Our consultants represent a diverse portfolio of industry players in providing innovative and sustainable solutions that enhance operational excellence and boost guest experiences. As the industry emerges from the recovery phase it is currently in, let’s explore how we can be a part of your growth story.

Passenger Boarding Bridge Interface

New equipment and refurbishment

A Passenger Boarding Bridge Interface (PBB-Interface) optimises the connection between the passenger bridge and the aircraft fuselage, with the passenger experience during boarding and disembarkation in mind.

We have been appointed by a global system supplier in the mobility space with over 75 years of experience and offer the ideal solution for the perfect terminal-to-aircraft connection, ensuring passenger comfort and safety, with secure weather protection.

Airport Consultancy and Training

We fully believe that the Asia Pacific region will continue to be the fastest-growing in the world for airline activity. There is therefore tremendous demand on continued developments into new greenfield airports as well as investments to modernise and expand existing airport infrastructure in order to fulfil the increasing capacity demands on passenger growth.

We represent an industry leader that provides consulting and engineering services, software, and training for all eco-system stakeholders, e.g. airports, air navigation service providers, civil aviation authorities, airport owners and operators, etc.

Airport Operations and Planning

Airports all around the world continue to utilise technology in the optimisation of their planning and operations.

Connect with us to explore the latest and most advanced planning and operations solutions, designed with the customer pain points in mind.

Aircraft Brokerage

Since flexibility is the name of the game, we are here to help you with the most optimal set-up. Whether you have a need to buy, sell, or lower your cost of ownership by leasing, we have the right solution for you.

Along with our partner, we have a team of experts with extensive knowledge of the aerospace market, creating and capitalising on market opportunities to trade, source, re-market and manage aircraft portfolios effectively. We are also able to consult our clients on making the right equipment selection, structure efficient aircraft transactions, source and place new and pre-owned aircraft and spare parts, and provide asset management for your fleet.

Data Science

We have teamed up with an established data science company that specialises in data analytics, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, with a growing clientele of Fortune 500 companies. At Tadpole, we aim to deliver practical solutions that add value to your existing operations and processes with our innovative and digitalisation solutions. If you’re looking to enhance any part of your organisation, or to create new revenue streams or develop additional monetisation tools from your customer base, do contact us to explore the possibilities.

Sports Marketing and Sponsorships

In the same way that sports bring people together and create lasting friendships, we believe sports also have the power to foster collaborations with the business community, leading to mutually beneficial partnerships. Our consultants are some of the biggest fans and therefore have an extended tentacle into some of the best and most popular clubs and teams around the world. We support companies that aim to generate brand awareness and customer loyalty through sports sponsorships, and help create value in creating powerful and impactful marketing and client engagement opportunities through such relationships.

The Leaning Chimp (B2C)

“We’ve got your back!”

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, as they say. Our consultants are also big on travel and lifestyle, not to mention that food is our ultimate weakness. Inspired by other free-range primates and fuelled by wanderlust, we have created a sub-brand that collaborates with a diverse range of B2C travel and lifestyle partners, curating the best adventures and local experiences fit for any bucket list. Connect with us on our Instagram page and hit us up if we can support in spreading the word and sharing your brand with the world.

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